Musa Basjoo


Musa basjoo. The hardiest banana for UK.

You will receive a well rooted 2l pot. Plants approx 70-100cm tall.



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Foliage and flower description: This plant will get you hooked on exotic gardening if you’re not there already.  Musa basjoo will grow happily in the ground all year round although it will need protection in the winter.  Once established it can throw out a 2m leaf each week all summer long.  leaves are a glorious green atop a think fleshy stem.  produces magnificent large yellow flowers followed by short stubby inedible bananas (which it has to said are rather cute)

Height and Spread: Height up to 6m.  Spread up to 3m.

Sun/shade:  Full sun although will be perfectly happy with a little shade.  Plant in a sheltered spot out of direct winds if possible.

Soil conditions:  Very rich soil and plenty of water.

Hardy/winter protection:  Hardy but will require wrapping in winter.

Other info: Musas are monocarpic, the flowering stem dies after producing fruit.  Simply cut back the stem after flowering.  As your plant matures pups/offsets are produced each year.  Although referred to as a banana tree they are a herbaceous perennial.  As it does not produce a woody trunk it is not a tree.